Let go to the Irama Beach

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Last few week, I and my friend decide to help 
The most lovely lecture at my kampus
He wants to move to new house at Bachok

So we all ( 2 cars ) decide to help her
After we angkat2 barang at her new house
my lecture we call ABAH want to look around

He from Pahang ok
my hometown when hari raya la I go back Pahang hahhahaha
so We went to the popular beach at Kelantan called Irama Beach

Lets see our the most beautiful moment environment n we also..

me as usual la kan 
 Tinta & ain
 Me & tiqah
 Tinta again
with our best friend

 how have a punggung yg gedik
of course not me right!
Love this pic 
Me n tinta

After we go to the beach
we go back again to my lecture house 
take a bath n prayer be4 we take a dinner 

Alif, Yazid, ABAH n her wife we called umi
i miss my umi suddenly 
 Yazid ( Left ) Alif right
  Crab cook lada hitam
 Siakap with ginger
last not list..me again

During that day, I feel so tired becz the next day I have to be a MC for 1 ceremony at my campus
Speak in English ok.....

ok la
Sila Tinggalkan Koman Anda Jika Anda Meminatinya

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