Bye all

Assalamualaikum w.b.t 

Last 2 week ago on Monday I guess
I already finish my study at kelantan
So when we had a study so a lot of stuff you should bring home
so I am to

And I am lucky becoz my lovely future husband nsyaALLAH
decide to came kelantan to help me n jalan2 around kelantan

It was second time he come to kelantan n visit me.

Here we at Wakaf Bharu Kelantan, KTM

My stuff and my beg at the back trolley
A lot right
Lucky becoz I already send half from that by post

 Waiting the train we hear a song

Mr Idzhar so excited to see around environment outside by train 
so cuteeeee..

ok next entry

Leave your comment if you like my writing


jeBateja said...

hik...hik....ini tokeh car wash erk...erk....ahakz

saufiahmad said...

good job! already written ur blog in English..doesn't matter about some silly mistake..just feel free to write in english..dont be shy and enjoy aja :)

Miza Ramli said...

Bijan: ye touke bak katenya
I'm CEO tau huhuhuhuhu

Miza Ramli said...

saufi: tq my dear.....
muet terlalu bagus sgt tu yg nak cube

lau salah tegur2la ye
tq for support akak
btw why u dh tembam...aiyooo bahagia ka?

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